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Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson, one of My all-time favorite comedians, perhaps better-known as Mr. Bean {series and film highly recommended!}, graces this film as a pseudo-James Bond character, typically bumbling, though remaining serious the entire time, never admitting to any of his own foul-ups, but instead seemingly blaming all incompetence upon his protoge'; someone has stolen the Queen's Jewels, so it is up to one Johnny English to solve the crime, primarily because most of the best agents have been unfortunately killed in the line of duty, so they are forced to hire the most klutz-prone amongst them, and to very amusing results. Turns out that a French criminal {who owns a most impressive Office Elevator!} with distant ties to the Royal British Family systematically eliminates those who would inherit the title should anything happen to the queen who is threatened with the taking of the life of her beloved poodle, so she signs her title away to him - and just as he is about to be crowned, Johnny English saves the day in a feat of hilarius acrobatics, engaging in many adventures along the way, inclusive of a lunatic display at a fun-eral, swinging around in his sharp spymobile on a crane, literally climbing up a "poop-shoot" to access the enemy's lair, parachuting on to a building, predictably, the wrong one, among many other instances interpolated with that distinctive Mr. Bean style, although much more talkative. Although I would have to say that probably the funniest scenes were when he was accidently struck by a muscle relaxer, to which he sloshes and slurrs about the place.

The character is intended to be unintentionally funny, but Atkinson does best as Mr. Bean however, and this film could have just as easily been named "Bean. Mr. Bean".

Rating: 3/5. Great for a fun night at home.


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