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"Former Satanist shows everyday occultism"

Former Satanist shows everyday occultism
"Former Satanist shows everyday occultism" on Google Video
Claims he can fill a box from any christians home with toys and objects linked to satanic symbols and worship

"Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years." ~ 9th Satanic Statement.

Get a load of this throwback to the paranoid SRA 80's - mid-90's. He makes several inaccurate statements. Leave it to christians to give such a moron a platform to fill the sheeps' already vacant minds with fear-mongering drivel. Makes for good business!

He mentions that he was at one point part of a Church of Satan "Grotto" which advocated human and animal sacrifice. We do not condone or practice sacrificial rites; such practices are indicative of judeo-christian-oriented traditions / mythologies, from the jews sacrificing goats and calfs to "God", to their deity's 'sacrifice' of its own 'son', etc. The Satanic Bible implicitly forbids harming children or animals, as we consider them natural magicians who have not grown into self-deceit yet, and remain pure in the Magic of existence. Animals and Satanists retain and enhance this state of being. I believe that those he may have come into contact with were lying to him about their alleged affiliation.

He mentioned being awarded a "high priest" title. We only have one High Priest at any given time. At that time it was Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, and is currently Magus Peter H. Gilmore, who is our primary spokesman. Dr. LaVey once mused that "where are all the 'low priests?'" Even our actual Priests are exceptional individuals, elite in their fields of endeavor. We do not hand out such recognitions to the inferior, as these titles are earned by merit, and therefore are the cream of the crop.

He brings up a slide of The Baphomet, mis-stating that the symbols around it are Enochian. This is untrue. They are Hebraic symbols spelling out "Leviathan" counter-clockwise, and is the official symbol of The Church of Satan, not some sort of so-called "United Satanic Churches", which does not exist. Those who are not affiliated with our organization tend to not be actual Satanists, but a devil-worship variation existing within a heretical judeo-christan paradigm, dependant on christianity for identity. We are not. We shape our own traditions.

Also, there is no such thing as a "former Satanist" - he may have been a poseur pretending to be a Satanist, but was under the delusion that he was at one time before 'conversion'. Satanists are born and not made.

His claim to collect seemingly innocuous objects from christian homes and tie them to The Occult, is merely the age-old practice of abscribing completely irrelevant definitions in order to illicit that paranoia to collect funds from the gullible.

He seems to Me to be a less-educated and less-eloquent version of Bob Larson, jumping on the devil-worship bandwagon, trying to hang on the last strings of the SRA urban legends, merely inunciating tidbits from those chick pamphlets without providing adequate research. This is the typical conspiratorial "seeing the Devil behind every bush" scenario, and should obviously not be taken seriously.

By the way, 'sweet mullet'.

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