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Bizarre "Last" Deaths

Last Death from Smallpox

In September, 1978, Janet Parker, an English medical photographer, was exposed to smallpox as the result of a laboratory accident. She subsequently died. On May 8, 1980, the World health Organization declared smallpox eradicated.
Some samples remain in laboratories in Atlanta and Moscow. When scientists destroy the samples the smallpox virus will become the first life form intentionally eliminated from the earth.

Last Execution in Tower of London

The last execution in the Tower of London took place on Thursday, August 14, 1941, when Josef Jakobs, a German spy, was shot by an eight-man firing squad. Because he had suffered a broken ankle when he had parachuted into England on the night of January 31, 1941, he could not stand before the firing squad and he was, instead, seated in an old Windsor chair and tied up. Five of the eight shots pierced his heart.

Last Person Burned at the Stake

Phoebe Harrius was convicted of coining false money, a crime of high treason at that time, and was executed by being burned at the stake in front of Newgate Prison in England, in 1786.

Last U.S. Mutiny Hanging

The last US Navy man hanged for mutiny was Midshipman Philip Spencer in 1842. The son of Secretary of War John C. Spencer, he had schemed with 2 others to turn his ship to piracy.

Last U.S. Soldier Executed for Desertion

Private Eddie Slovik was tried by court-martial and sentenced to death for desertion during WWII. He was shot by his own unit, the 28th Infantry Division, in a small town in north-east France. There were 70 executions by firing squad during
WWII, but Slovik's was the only one for desertion. The rest
were for rape or murder.


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