Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Satan's School For Girls {2000}

Satan's School For Girls
{XXXV A.S. Directed by Christopher Leitch. Starring Shannon Doherty, Victoria Sanchez, Julie Benz, Daniel Cosgrove}

Nubile Beth Hammersmith enrolls in an all-female college to investigate her sister's mysterious death. Having been fascinated with The Occult, she pursues her sister's interest in devil-worship until involuntarily inducted as the fifth member a 'coven' known as 'The Five'; powerful and influential daughters of The Devil who go on to achieve wealthy prominance in various fields. Apparently, Satan takes care of his own by providing earthly success and power...

She refuses her legacy and sets off to battle this generation of beautiful and successful witches, using her own psychic abilities, where she apprently aspires for mediocrity and 'normalcy', which she achieves, but is haunted the rest of her days by winged denizens of The Underworld.

Done in a "made-for-TV" manner, this definitely does not measure up to the original, is watered-down, but does provide for some eye-candy. Mediocre dialogue, marginal acting, but with some nice aesthetic value {great pentagram chandelier and floor design}.

Of note, the very lovely Victoria Sanchez clad in goth-fetish attire who at one point is spotted drawing a Baphomet in her notebook! Also incorperates Kate Jackson as the "High Priestess" herein {who also starred in the original}.

It is highly recommended to view the original VIII A.S. version, which does not dissappoint, and remains an OcCult classic.


Also, for a really great treat, and along the general vein, peruse Magister Paradise's "Satan's Cheerleaders" fan site:

Satan's Cheerleaders


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