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The Trident #13

The Trident 13

Received My complimentary Issue 13 of The Trident in the Post yesterday, and the theme of this one is all about the military. The cover features a rendition of a lovely Valkrie on the warpath. There's a great article by Rev. Thomas Thorn addressing several points on partiotism to cliche's, a commentary on the military witch's wardrobe by Veronica Van Horne, a piece on Satanic / Military values by R. Merciless, some personal relations in the service by Iain Jaymes Pointe, some Lex Talionis by Primus, the Dear Abbey column featuring a short fiction piece, and a Luciferian animation by James Helkowski & Ryan Mojica; as well as a page on multimedia reviews by Honor Noble on the back. This issue seeks more interaction with the readers this time around, introducing "Shout at The Devil" and "Question of The Quarter" which will be addressed in the next release. Always a pleasure, The Trident receives three prongs up!


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