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King Diamond Sigil

Official King Diamond / Mercyful Fate Myspace Page

The King Diamond Sigil I created and placed on My KD/MF page on The Shadowmantium is now being used for the official King Diamond / Mercyful Fate myspace page.

King Diamond Sigil by Draconis Blackthorne King Diamond Sigil by Draconis Blackthorne
Greyscale \|/ Colorized

Description: The Brimstone sigil dwells as the focal point, and has been used in the King Diamond Logo itself, and is the symbol above The Nine Satanic Statements in The Satanic Bible. The Pentagram intercrosses the diamond which forms a crown above, thus asserting the phrase "King Diamond". The entirety of the angles add up to Nine, Satan's Number.

I had written in a previous entry that this configuration had haunted My mind until I brought it to the third dimension. Then I sent it over to administrators on the Official Coven site with a request to have it forwarded to King Diamond. It is a pleasing to see that it is being appreciated.


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