Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Coffee, Literature, and Evocation

During an outing to the printers, I went to one of those "Star Bucks" Coffee houses {which is next to The Barnes & Noble - handy for coffee and literature, yet a pale comparison to My own Lucifer's Library}, and had a concoction called a "double mocha frappacino", which is basically a chocolate-flavored coffee shake. It was actually pretty good, but I still think I prefer the Belialian nectar I brew Myself. First I ventured into The Best-Buy and purchased three DVD's of choice which seve to sustain, preserve, and engender blissful evocations for Me - The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coppolla's Dracula, and Legend; three of of My top favorites. I have all of these on VHS, but now I Am incrementally amassing My collection to better present My timeless world to My greater satisfaction utilizing superior technology. Old-World Aesthetics, and ever-evolving technology to better realize and perfect that World of Darkness.

Tags: spechtreum

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