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The Parallelogram Ethic


Consider the parallelogram. I found this to be an excellent instructional method in which to imprint the principle of responsibility. Quite simply, one's actions cause an equal and opposite reaction. Using such an animated example will forever reside in the subconcious that one may consider whatever subject matter with a dual or triune judgement. Upon contemplation, it will enable others to more thuroughly form a subjective opinion more completely.

It has been stated that "every action will cause an opposite reaction"; this is inexorably true, and remains a fact of life. Using this diagram will have others remembering this principle more to the fore, and apply it positively, as well as examine others' actions that have led them to their consequences.

This is not only a simple lesson for Infernal Progeny, but can be extended unto many adolts who should have known better all along. If this should-be obvious principle is applied in every day life, as is generally the case with Satanists, the rest of the world could stand to benefit from it as well. Its rumination could very well lead to a more considerate and double-thinking populace, and thus, a more pleasant and civil environment for all, which in itself would be application of the very same principle.

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