DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Anti-Illegal interloper merchandise!


[ Illegal Immigration Bumper Stickers & Shirts ]

An amusing resource for those who wish to state their pro-American stance on these illegal invaders who bring crime, disease, filth, and ignorance to United Satanic America. Let their government take care of their own. If they cannot, then make Mexico a U.S. commonwealth and keep their people over there where they belong! Build a wall, enforce the borders with landmines, searchlights, sirens, and sharp-shooters! At any point in time, anyone maybe asked for their passport; if one is a citizen, there are no worries whatsoever, but if an illegal is caught, then they must be bussed or boated back to their countries of origin. Those who cannot live within the system must be expelled from society, like any other criminal.

Tags: frijolecaust

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