Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

"Sabbath Cake"

Hell's Kitchen

While watching an episode of The Addams Family {Episode 15: "The Addams Family Meet A Beatnick"*}, I thought of an interesting and amusing possibility for a special occasion cake that would include some splendid Satanic aesthetics:

Example of a tube cake panBy utilizing a tube cake pan, mixing up whatever type and flavor is favored {I would personally recommend of course, Devil's Food Cake!}, with frosting, etc., and when prepared, finishing it off by inserting a black pillar candle in the center. Then, whatever the occasion is, a 'wish' may be uttered and/or thought of, and the candle either blown or snuffed.

Another possibility would be writing out a parchment of one's wish, and again, either reciting it aloud or just quietly burned in the flame, followed by all manner of rejoicing. Would be wonderful for birthdays and Halloween!

Example of tube cake pan designNow, there are several shapes and sizes, it can either be a round tube cake pan, or if you can find one, a trapezoidal design. The candle itself may be comprised of a figure candle representing the celebrated one {as with birthdays}; two figure candles representing bride and groom; for Halloween perhaps a skull or skeleton, or an otherwise appropriate character; and one in the shape of The Sabbatic Goat of Mendes for Walpurgisnacht, although that representation would pretty much work for any occasion.

Additional ornamentation could include a pentagram thereon with the center pentagon holding the candle, to a serpent, to some Halloween bats, ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs... whatever the imagination will produce.

On a salacious side note, the candle and tube combination does sort of resemble the 'yoni' & 'lingam' joined...

In the past, an entirely trapezoidal cake was made for Me, with designs applied by Myself {i.e., a personal sigil and The Baphomet}, with candles placed at the points.

* Teleplay: Henry Sharp and Sloan Nibley
Story: Jack Raymond
Director: Sidney Lanfield

Rockland Cartwright III: Tom Lowell
Rockland Cartwright II: Barry Kelley
Mr. Benson: Barry Brooks

Rockland "Rocky" Cartwright III, a beatnik, crashes his motorbike in front of the Addams' house. He hurts his leg and and damaged his motorcycle. The family takes him in and has him stay overnight to recouperate. Rocky is amazed by the Family, and they're enamoured of him. He admits he's run away from home to escape his His father, a rich tycoon, father who wants to control his life and groom him for business. His father goes out looking for his lost son. Rocky wants to hide, so Wednesday and Pugsley deflect the searchers. The Addams decide to cheer Rocky up by throwing him a surprise birthday party and invite his father. Rocky's presents are hidden around the house and he has to hunt for them. The last one is his father, who realizes he shouldn't interfere in his son's life. If the Addams can accept Rocky as he is, then so can his own father. Reconciled, they leave together, and Rocky gives Fester his motorbike.

Broadcast: January 1, 1965. - Source

Tags: food, hell's kitchen

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