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Destructive organisms...

The Black Book of Shadows: VII/XXX\XLI

Two interesting incidents in one week. Some people can be so damned masochistic, it's pathetic. 'The Devil House' which stands there as an ominous blighted spot for the herd to avoid, sometimes becomes the object of their insecurity, so the herd tend to rail against that which they fear. Like stupidly taunting a venomous snake, or purposefully placing a hand in the fire expecting not to feel pain. Surely, a suicidal death wish either way. I have noticed that the herd have become somewhat more obnoxious in the past couple of months, what with the oppressive remmus months bearing down on the land, and if so inclined, considering the 'mercury retrograde' for the last couple of weeks.

Approximately two weeks ago, the local herd's offalings had been acting rather antagonistic and irresponsible - walking on the back wall, occasionally pelting the house with pebbles, lobbing trash over the wall, even inclusive of actually batting empty crushed aluminum cans into the back yard, until reproached with a scowl and a slam of the creeking back door, at which point they scatter like so many primates. I even recall them tossing a 4th of July smoke bomb once back there and watching it smolder! They then of course claim ignorance of the deeds, like little rotten criminals seeing what they could get away with.

I normally ignore the type, not subjecting Myself with the herd and their petty concerns, but this was too close to home.

So one afternoon while clearing the cans and performing necessary household responsibilities, such justified negative energy was directed towards whomever deserved it, and about a week later, news of someone drowning in a pool at the local recreational center was announced on the radio, and I knew punishment was fulfilled. Since "parents" are apparently unable or unwilling to discipline their own destructive organisms, others should not have to suffer such annoyance, and I certainly do not have an obligation to be someone else's babysitter!* Reciprocation took its course, I have not seen these perpretrators again, nor do I care to, and there have been no problems since.

A day later, additional news surfaced dealing with a man who had accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the break while in the parking lot of a Starbuck's, surging into the front patio area therein, injuring several present, which makes Me wonder if this was not a side-effect of the negative energy radiated that day, considering both of these events occurred just a few miles from The Noctuary... although we Satanists realize that there really are no geographical boundaries to the manifestation of Satanic Magic.

* Keep in mind that these were teenagers, who should ideally "know better", but apparently "know nothing" of manners, consideration, or civility. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes such tragic incidents for the herd to learn their own lessons.

Also, I did not go into The Chamber and perform a formal ritual to achieve the end result; it more or less spontaneously occurred, which seems to have been the case since childhood; i.e., the environment becomes affected by emotional expression. I usually perform a formal rite for more serious endeavors.

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