DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Thinkers & Doers...

Nucleus of The Imagination

There are thinkers and doers. The thinkers get the doers to manufacture their creations. If the thinker only thinks and does nothing about it, it remains a thought and the dream is unfulfilled. The doer needs the thinker to provide a purpose. If there is no purpose, the doer continues seeking a purpose, and acts in a series of rudimentary actions which remains of little purpose except for his own survival, and that which is to provide the thinker with materialization.

Then there is the thinker-doer. He who brings the thought into realization, where the dream becomes reality by his own brain and body. He takes the role of both parties and therefore is a self-contained paradigm.

There are times when the dream becomes so large where the thinker-doer accesses the aid of other thinkers and doers to manifest his creation, and he therefore remains the nucleus of the dream, the origin of the thought, and is magnified in accordance with its proliferation. The brain-child achieves maturity, is the foundation of a new reality, and thus, evolution is prospered.

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