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Happy The Human Pincushion

Happy The Human Pincushion

For those intrigued by the bizarre, the sometimes gory, and human oddities, and in the tradition of the denizens of the carnival midway underworld, comes "Happy The Human Pincushion" - a "modern primitive" performer engaging in acts of self-piercing, flagellation, and anatomical modification.

He has been known to actually drag a fellow participant by hooks imbedded into his skin across the stage, drive 6" skewers through his arms, and dangle a concrete block from chains hooked to his chest skin. Lovely accomplices attired in lengerie and fetish wear appear to enhance the prurient element of these carnal spectacles.

Take a perusal at these delightfully freakish displays, and stimulate the darkness within...

My regards to Mr. Smokey Deville for sending in a recording of these performances - ghoulishly amusing demonstrations to pique certain sado-masochistic sensibilities.


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