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{XVII A.S. Directed by Peter Yates. Starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Robert Coltrane}

For starters, one witnesses what appears to be a large clump of 2x4's floating out in space, followed by a series of apparent environmental stock-footage with likewise accompanying music.

Krull is an action-adventure fantasy circling around a pentagram-like weapon which is the only instrument that can battle "The Beast", who presides over an army of dark warriors called "Slayers", and a dematerializing black fortress which is never stationed in one place twice.

After his kingdom is overturned, a prince turned king by the death of his father sets out to find his kidnapped bride with the council of a wise man named "Ynyr", which sets him on a trek to find the spiked boomerang {a veritable 'shiroken'} and The Black Fortress. Along the way, he gathers a small army of common thieves, a fumbling "sorcerer", a decrepit 'seer' with his boy-servant, and a cyclopse.

For an action-adventure, this film contains much too much unecessary dialogue, extensive travelling scenes, and a lot of climbing. Since the battle in the first twenty-minutes or so, the film remains rather slow until the last half hour, wherein 'Prince Colwyn' {who looks like Barry Gibb} and shoddy troupe penetrate the fortress and do battle with The Beast, after predictably dispatching a large number of mis-aiming 'slayers'.

In the end, 'Princess Lyssa' is rescued from the clutches of the wonderfully demonic monster, and they re-commence with their previously interrupted wedding by exchanging vows as well as a flame derived from water.

The typical 'good' vs. 'evil' scenario exists here, most commonly displayed in the conclusion wherein in conjunction with the penta-blades, this 'flame of love' overcomes the 'blasts of hatred' emitted from the Beast monster.

This film seems to concentrate on more of a children's faerie-tale type of story, rather than a more mature version of the genre, and could very well have been animated. I suppose it may be more appreciated by Lord of The Rings / D&D -type of fans, yet with the exception of the impressive flying weapon and giant Beast creature, as far as fantasy-action-adventure, the film is unfortunately, a rather rudimentary presentation. This is one of those films that could have been better with such a great premise and villain, but disappointingly does not live up to its full potential.


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