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Nefarious Newsletter V.129


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I. Quotations: Aristotle, Ludwig von Mises, Thomas Henry Huxley, Nathaniel Branden, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
II. Nefarious News: Don't Piss Away Your Health, GOOD NEWS... BAD NEWS, You Too Can Have A Bath Wedgie..., Cross Training Can Be Painful, Online Kidney Auction Stopped, Crooning Cops Keep Calm, Surgery Was A Bust, Stripped of Their Dignity, Mourning Sickness, Hardly Worth the Weight, Battle Over Transgender Librarian, Rare Bug Sells For $90,000 In Japan, Should Have Stayed At Harvard, Sculptor Creates Legacy In Butter, Two Pounds Of Bologna In A One Pound Bag, Not A Pit To Hiss In, Watch Out - The Pee Police Are On Duty.
III. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Laws in Ohio and Arizona.
IV. Loki's Laughter: Cat Houses, more trick than treat.
V. Wicked Words: contravene, haruspex, incunabula, prolegomenon.
VI. The Devil's Web: Jesus Loves Porn! The Black Cat Closet.
VII. The Shadow Gallery: The Serpent King.

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