Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Serpent King

Set - Midgard - Naga - the names and images conjure forth dreaded visions in most of the human race, and many fuzzy animals of other species. Tonight, three of those met their fates in the jaws of the Mighty Naga, kept here in The Abyss of Nightmares and Dreams. In Zoroastrian lore, Orouberus Serpent was said to encircle the earth like the rings of Saturn and comprised the dimension of Hell, in which damned souls would be digested and processed until released and reincarnated to try again.

In the Nordlands, Midgard, son of Loki, dwelled in the oceans and grew so large that his expanse emrace the earth with his frame, once in awhile toppling ships and taking a few sailors as souvenires...and now sleeping, awaits Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods, wherein he shall purify by swallowing them to return in another form, erego, the wheel of the gods.

The Naga legend of the monsterous serpent, basilisk, dwelling in the cavernous pits of the earth, taking his due from those dwelling thereupon; and Set, Lord of Dissent, God of The Night Skies, killer of the god, Luciferian, rebel-king placing himself upon the divine throne.

"Naga", as I endearingly call My beloved reptile "Damballah", feasted on his sacrifices tonight, larger than last time, and it makes Me proud. One of them actually attempted to thwart his meal at one point, so immediately, after settling the first, he bounded, lightning fast, engaging him in the embrace of death. And to this I began to ponder: how in the humanimal realm, the weak, masochistic, and insecure sometimes pester The Strong until they are destroyed with a mighty swoop of wrath. And that is as it should be, as that is how it has been through timelessness.


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