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Recommendations for the 6/6/6 Sintennial Sabbath

For those not attending the Sintennial festivities in Hell-A for whatever reason, I have compiled the following suggestions in celebration of 6/6/6:
Recommendations for the 6/6/6 Sintennial Sabbath
Black Mass, Baptism, Infernal Conception, celebration

* Utilize this date for the performance of Le Messe Noir from The Satanic Rituals to purge your mind of any lingering blindlight influence.

* Perform The Satanic Baptism rite from The Satanic Rituals for oneself. By the essence of self-deification, commence with the formal dedication to the precepts of Lucifer.

* Conceive a demon child with one's mate - the more dramatic, the better. For instance, Open the ceremony in the standard manner as outlined in The Satanic Bible, and after opening The Gates of Hell and The Four-Crown Princes of Hell are called, commit that time to enjoy the pleasure of sex with your mate for the intent of conceiving a child in Satan's name. {May also be performed during Le Messe Noir within the section mentioned for the purpose of performance}.

* Listen to The Satanic Mass CD, and follow along with the litany at hours such at 6:06 am, 6:06 pm, at the time of The High Mass, or midnight.

* Invite friends to see the new Omen premiere, and/or to The Lair and watch the original Omen trilogy, or at least played in the background during the festivities.

Hell-A Attractions

For those travelling to the Sintennial Convergence, following is a list of Black Earth recommendations of infernal interest:

Besides obvious locations such as Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, and Universal Studios, following are some additional recommendations for your consideration:

  • Necromance Fossils, Lair decor, memento moris, objects d'art, curios, and otherwise dark themed items of nefarious interest.

  • Queen Mary Commissioned by Howard Hughes, this leviathanine cruise-liner is said to be profusely haunted. There is a haunted tour available, as well as galleries and displays from yester-year.

  • Aquarium of The Pacific Features the world of the watery abyss below, and its interesting inhabitants. Currently features the "Dazzling & Dangerous" Venomous creatures attraction.

  • Arboretum Extraordinary horticultural total environment filled with marvellous vistas and an educational tour.

  • Hollywood Roosavelt Hotel Said to be a haunted hotel featuring the alleged 'ghost' of Marilyn Monroe in a mirror in the lobby, and a full gallery of Noir Hollywood.

  • Ipso Facto "Gothic"-themed store featuring jewelry, clothing, accessories, music, piercings, baubles, and Occult literature.

  • Hollywood Wax Museum Replicas of many cinematic characters from yester-year. Includes a Horror section as well.

  • Ripley's Museum The strange and unusual world of Robert Ripley, including many humanimal and animal oddities!

  • The Erotic Museum Includes art, erotic toys, sinemaerotica, salacious project displays, and sometimes nude models.

  • Grauman's Chinese Theater Impressive architecture features legendary actors' autographs, hand and shoe impressions cast in concrete in this Chinese total environment. Would be a Hell of a place to see The Omen, if you don't mind the crowd, that is.

  • Griffith Observatory Astronomical spectacular featuring murals, statuary, monoliths, history, tesla coil demonstrations, educational tours, and the planetarium theater.

  • Hollywood Forever Cemetary Among many others, cinematic notables include Jayne Mansfield, Tyrone Power, Charlie Chaplin, Cecil B. Demille, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Sr., Peter Lorre, Rudolph Valentino, Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer; as well as musicians Rozz Williams and Johnny Ramone.

  • L.A. County Coroner Giftshop
    Puts the "fun" in "fun-eral"! Souvenires, accoutrement, accessories, novelties, and many more items with their trademark body chalk outline.

  • La Luz De Jesus Gallery

  • Dark Delicacies

  • L.A. Galleries Of particular note in the list, The Morpheus Gallery {may not be current in the list; the website mentions a location in Las Vegas}.
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