Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Clash of The Titans

Clash of The Titans
{XV A.S. Written by Beverley Cross, Directed by Desmond Davis. Starring Laurence Olivier, Claire Bloom, Burgess Meredeth, Harry Hamlin. Genre: Action-Adventure/Mythology}

Here is marked the metaphorical 'hero's journey', as Joseph Campbell would put it, depicting all the elements of the epic voyages of olde, which has its equivalent in every culture. This film has even been used in classrooms to demonstrate the fable for both an entertaining and educational account.

Based upon traditional Greek mythology, this film illustrates this legend to a tee. The tale of Perseus in search of the one thing which can overcome The Kraken {a most impressive Leviathan / Cthulhu - like creature unleashed by Poseidon}, which just so happens to be Medusa's head, containing the power to transform humans into stone {Medusa was unfairly cursed by Hera after being seduced by Zeus}. But first, with the sage help of 'Ammon' {Burgess Meredeth}, demigod Perseus must realize who he is, the son of Zeus, and gather the implements to fulfill his 'destiny', including an invisibility cloak. and an impregnable sword and shield.

After passing a riddle test initiated by Hera, he follows a huge vulture upon the winged steed Pegusus to battle Calibos {a demonic archetype and son of Hera cursed by Zeus to malformation}, and is prompted upon his quest to save Princess Andromeda from being sacrificed to The Kraken. Along the way, he meets The Stygian Witches, three cannibalistic hags who share an oracle named 'The Eye'; Charon, or "The Devil's Boatman" {a Grim Reaper archetype} at the River Styx which carries he and his men to The Underworld; Cerberus, {here depicted with two heads instead of the usual three}; and finally Medusa, in a memorably striking humanoid / serpentine representation.

The characters are dynamically brought to life and very well animated with pre-CGI stop-motion photography, and the costumes and sets are rendered to splendid authenticity. The Gods are appropriately displayed with very human traits, considering that man has created his gods in his own image. I especially enjoyed Zeus' coliseum in which he preserves figurines of various mortals which he manipulates at will - would be quite useful as effigies...



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