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Dennis Prager, Voxx, & Xuxa!

After watching an episode of Penn & Teller's "Bullshit" tonight, whose subject was on the utterly absurd PETA {People Eating Tasty Animals}, who thwart Natural Law, one of the commentators presented thereon was Dennis Prager, which caused a timewarp in My conscousness, inspiring Me to write the following entry. A quick comment on the hypocritical PETA people though is the following line from Epinox 2:13 :

"To rip with talons & claws, to tear with beaks & jaws. Such is the order of the Natural Law. "

Evocation 1: Dennis Prager. I used to watch this ingenious commentator and talk show host when he had his program broadcast late at night {at the time, the only one really worth watching}, and remember agreeing with most of what he said, and his remarkably de-facto Satanic opinions on a great many subjects. Which is not entirely surprising, considering he is Jewish, and I have often said, that the Star of David and The Pentagram are a mere line's difference apart - unfortunately, the veil is there, yet thin. [ See The Tower of Myths. Scroll down to Judeism.] His wisdom, along with LaVey's and Joseph Campbell's {The Power of The Myth}, really placed much into perspective, and contributed to one's gnosis, as well as compelled one to further evolve and develop one's own synthesized understanding.

Evocation 2: Then I would go about My nocturnal responsiblities and indulgences, including listening to the sexy, creamy voice of Voxx "The Witch", now "The Psychic", on 97.1 FM KLSX, which included topics on ghost stories, Magic, The Occult, ESP, Cryptozoology, Parapsychology, and ritual experimentation; Dr. LaVey and The Church of Satan were mentioned thereon from time to time as well; but it eventually evaporated into the ethers.

Reverend Schlesinger
[If image does not appear, drag to adress bar and press return]

So it was delightful to find Coast to Coast with Art Bell & George Noory {which also covers those subjects mentioned, although with a bit less of a personal touch} one night as I was drawn to the radio dials for a reason that was not clear to Me at the time, but I instantly knew why when I came upon the broadcast in early November of Year XXXIII A.S., which just so happened to be having Rev. Schlesinger on that very night, as I hurredly searched for a tape to record it on, and Am pleased to say that I have since listened to it many time since.

Evocation 3: Xuxa!: then just before Dawn, at about 5:30am, this energetic little Brazilian show came on, reminiscent of "Death to Smoochie", which was targeted as a "kid show", yet I enjoyed her tight little outfits, those of her cohorts, as well as her effervescent manner. She resembles sort of a cross between Olivia Newton-John and Cristina. Her tag-line was "drop a chicken!" for whatever reason, but to My knowedge, never 'caught on'. It was actually broadcast on an American channel for a time, I believe channel 13 in L.A., before finally disappearing.


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