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The Corsican Brothers...

Spechtreum: Loki's Laughter

~ Cheech & Chong's ~
The Corsican Brothers
{XVIII A.S. Directed by Tommy Chong. Starring Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Roy Dotrice, Edie McClurg}

I first saw this film late one night upon happenstance. I normally consider anything 'Cheech & Chong' to be peurile and lowlife humor {which it is}, further denigrating the populace unto ghetto-trash culture, but this one final film seems to be the exception, and actually displays some potential for the comedic characters.

Born from two unsuspecting seperate fathers, two brothers experience a sympathetic element since birth {one feels the tactile sensations of the other}, are raised in a peasant hovel in order to avoid scandal, eventually burn the house down in which they were raised by a matron, and set off in two opposing directions - one ends up back home in France, and the other... in Mexico, of all places.

After many years pass, they eventually meet again in France, which is being ruled by a tyrant by the name of "Fuckeire" {a pun on "f*cker"}, a sado-masochistic libertine with some really great aesthetic style, I must say, like a cross between King Diamond and King Louis XIV.

The Corsican Brothers join forces and form a revolution, stealthily infiltrating The Palace as aristocrats - one as a very Rasputin-like intellectual, and the other as a gay hairdresser from Spain, who wreaks havok on The Queen's hairdo.

Through a series of coincidences and mishaps, they luckily meet two lovely Princesses {one of whom laments Chong's "broken sword"}, do strenuous battle with Fuckeire's men, almost kill eachother in a duel over the girls, are imprisoned, and eventually escape to spark the revolution again.

Despite the droll humor, I enjoyed the aesthetics of the film... the scenery, costumes, sets, actresses, and props. In My opinion, it is the only production of theirs worth watching.



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