Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


I was asked earlier this evening about My definition of what 'Satan' is, and in brief, considering that such a complex subject would require an extensive essay, I replied with some of the general points:

"There are so many variations as there are individuals, and an entire explanation would perhaps require an extensive essay on the subject, but I will attempt a brief explanation for you here:

Satan is The Dark Force in Nature, and represents all that which is mysterious, unexplained, yet what the Satanist is attracted towards.

Satan is that described in The 9 Satanic Statements.

In The Ritual Chamber, Satan may be considered as literal, being that it is the 'Intellectual Decompression Chamber', the psychodrama, and that which stimulates the emotions to powerdrive the will unto manifestation is of tantamount importance in the practice of Satanic Magic.

Satan is incarnate in The Self, as the living Devil and God within oneself. The personafication of the ideals set forth in The Satanic Bible and inherently resonant with oneself.

Satan can be detected in various works of art, music, literature, architecture, natural environments, inventiveness, iconoclasm - that which heightens the senses and stimulates the mind and emotions to soar.

In brief, all the true 'manifestations' of the Satan archetype throughout history, each has its value to one degree or the other. This archetype can be well indicative of the personality of the individual either repelled or attracted to it. Either traits of strength, life, independence, intelligence, individuality, quality, power in all states of being, self-mastery, or otherwise one of subservience, weakness, servitude, and death, as with the nazarene archetype.

To the non-Satanist, The Devil represents that which is feared, the villain, scapegoat, and the author of all 'evil'. The Satanist manipulates these fears for personal gratification and amusement."


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