Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Revelation 666

Revelation 666
FX Channel, 5/10/XLI

Radio Free Satan's 666 EveSplashing upon the screen tonight, a hand comes forth with the dreaded '666' triumvirate scarred into flesh. The dreaded 'number of the beast' was the topic of display, including surprisingly basic and ubiquitously stuporstitious explanations of how it supposedly relates to Nero Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, the internet, and even former president Ronald Wilson Reagan, the latter who just happened to have lived at a triple six address for a time.

Reverends Moore and Saenz made brief appearences, although with very few exceptions, this tends to be the typical media modus operandi, but is usually enough to get our message across. It was a delight to see the "Sintennial" 6/6/6 Eve poster displayed thereon however; and brief opinion statements were made by metal band Society One, inclusive of a display of demonic tattoos.

For some reason, the directors decided to focus an excessive amount of time on some man in a wheelchair relating his various misfortunes, who just so happened to be born in '66, where that time could have been better used to include the ritual sequence performed by Rev. Moore and Priestess Saenz, as well as more of the interviews in this half-hour presentation.

Sneak peeks of the remake of The Omen were shown {in My opinion, the actor playing Damien seemed a little too gaunt}, with commentary by the director who related an interesting story about how a portion of film was mysteriously destroyed during the ending sequence wherein the 'Antichrist' birth mark is revealed. Could it be true? In any case, it makes for great propaganda.

The other guests seemed rather inconsequential, and even gratuitous, but the apocalyptic hellish artistry and dramatic music were amusing.

Tags: 666, church of satan

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