Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil's Rain...

A most wonderful storm roared in today, bringing with it the crash of thunder so loud it shook the house, and the bright flashes lighting up the gray and black sky was a magnificent spectacle to observe. One of those "freak storms" not predicted by Meteorologists to be quite so severe. I knew some rain was coming, so I decided to place more of 'push' into it, and I Am contented with the results derived. It reminded Me of something I wrote a couple months ago during another tempest:

The Infernal Orchestra

Upon stepping outdoors to enjoy the Storm, feeling the chilly air brush over My flesh and listening to the softly pelting droplets dancing upon leaf and branch, roof and grass, a veritable composition began emerging to My consciousness, and it occurred to Me that each Prince of Hell is represented in their respective elemental role in the instruments of the orchestra, and each compliments the other in kind:

SATAN: The crashing cymbals, gongs, bells. Lightning representing The Black Flame - the forging element of living Hellfire burning within and without.

LUCIFER: The Woodwinds and Brass sections, as indicative of the element of Air in the fog and winds, and the very breath of life.

BELIAL {The Black Earth}: Drums, from kettle to bass to snare skins booming, resonating the heartbeat of Hell, felt in muscle and bone.

LEVIATHAN {The Raging Sea}: Strings. The ebbs and flows of the vast oceans, The Devil's Rain and the very blood flowing through your veins.

And the Storm raged fiercer, then finally calmed to a dulcid tone in grace and tranquility. So it was done; the dawn yielded morning mist, and the darkened tapestry was to return again upon the nocturne. The earth quaked two days later, to My pleasure, and so the musick begins again...

Tags: belial, black earth, lucifer, malefick musick, nature, satan, weather

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