Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

DB as character in forthcoming novel!

Apparenty, I will be incorperated as a character into a forthcoming novel:

"Basically, the story starts off with Draconis Blackthorne (I guess you could say he's the "villain" in the story), killing the last known real herbalist (a supplier or doctor of 'spiritual rehibilitation' using 'magical' herbs such as mandrake roots, toadstool, wolfsbane, fluxweed... etc etc.. u know, all that good stuffs xP) with poison (crushed Belladonna, to be exact. It's a very very quick poison). The main character of the story, (i haven't thought of a name for her yet) is a young, maybe 20 or so years old, female detective that hears about this murder and decides to go and investigate the manor (the mansion where the herbalist was killed) to find that everything was a mess and that Blackthorne seemed to be looking for something. well, i can't tell u what that thing is, but i will tell u that she (the detective) finds it while looking for clues in the attic, which was apparantly hidden so intruders wouldn't gain entrance. This thing is extremely important in the plot because it's actually a link to a realm of magic. There's good and black magic, just so you know. and well, the main character will run into that later when she gets so deeply obsessed with this world of magic that she starts going insane, getting sucked deeper and deeper until the world she once knew is forever gone."

It will be interesting to see this development.


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