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Should one get their 'pets' spayed and neutered?

A question I have pondered from tme to time, is "should one get their 'pets' spayed and neutered?" First of all, I dislike the term "pets" when referring to our four-legged friends, opting more for the 'companion' or 'familiar' nomenclature. I believe one's familiars should roam free about the premesis., coming and going as they please. As a matter of fact, with the exception of My Serpent, My cats and dogs have found Me, instead of the other way around. I simply placed a wish into the ether for a type of familiar I desired, and he/she would appear at My doorstep within a few days. And just as I would not compromise their freedom, with the exception of protecting them from the irresponsibility of humanimals, so I would not impose upon them the act of transforming them into eunichs, and infertility. One simply allows Nature to take its course.

It would be difficult for Me to consider an animal which has been spayed or neutered to be a familiar of mine, for the very reason that the purpose of a Familiar is as an extension of The Self, and a very close friend, reflecting many of our own qualities. A Familiar can display much about their Keeper in kind. I would rather not have one than subject them to that.

There are some who would argue that rendering animals infertile is somehow "responsible", but I would argue that it is the opposite, and is furthermore degrading, presumptuous, and cruel. Certainly there is a population explosion in the amount of animals residing on the streets, but these are creatures whose senses and evolutionary development has allowed them to survive in outdoor circumstances, unless over-coddled and ruined by misdirected humanimals, however sincere their intent may have been. Nature takes care of its own, adds and diminishes what is needed, and this should be respected. I would not impose humanimal criteria upon animal considerations, for there is a casting system and heigharchy in the animal kingdom of other species as well. I say let them be in all of their natural beauty and magnificence, and the favor shall be returned manifold.


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