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Teens Promoting "Satanism" Burst Into Churches

Teens Promoting "Satanism" Burst Into Churches
Mary Berecky, Reporting

(KDKA) SOMERSET COUNTY Three teenagers wearing and carrying satanic symbols burst into at least two Somerset County churches last Sunday.

Police say the teens screamed obscenities and profanities at people in church.

The first house of worship they walked into was a Lutheran church.

At St. Andrews Lutheran Church, Pastor Larry Hoover was at the front of the church during worship service on Sunday, when he noticed something was wrong in the back of the church.

“I heard some commotion and I saw some of our people leaving the church and then, of course, the state police officer was helping that day with the Holy Eucharist,” said Hoover.

That church member and others shuffled a 14, 16, and 17-year-old outside.

Three teens dressed in black trench coats, with black satanic symbols on their faces.

Next police say they went to All Saints Catholic Church a few blocks way, where seventh and eighth graders were entering the confessional booth.

Witnesses at that church say the teens carried what appeared to be satanic books and yelled at the young people about god.

It was at All Saints Catholic Church where another state trooper caught up with the teens.

State Police charged them with harassing and stalking.

The teenagers are not from the area.

This is not the way to go about it - if one feels the need to expose a religion, it is done through pro-active means, not illegal activity which may hamper one's self-preservation. If these boys need to get such blindlight influences out of their systems, a good Black Mass may be employed, serving as a liberating agent which will lead to unobscured perception and truly Satanic endeavors.

It seems that in this case, these kids may have been more influenced by Black Metal music and Horror movies, obsessed with blasphemy, motivated by hormones, been traumatized by the Death Cult, and are acting out their aggressions where their energies may be placed to more productive purposes elsewhere, through study and honest self-exploration.

These religions serve a purpose to attract undesirables away from us - whether it be Christianity, weaka, newage, devil-worship pseudo-'satanism', what have you. And that is as it should be.


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