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Feast of Hate & Fear

I received three complimentary CD's from friend Adel Souto of iconoclastic Satanic Punk band Timescape Zero in the Hell-post yesterday, and have been listening to it here and there, and Am suitably impressed by what I heard. The first two titles are projects of Mr Souto, and are brought forth in two distinct musical styles.

* Timescape Zero: Nothing Short of Total War
Satanic Punk Rock: A "Prequel" to "Total War", includes 18 demo songs previously unreleased and virulently sought-after up until 'Total War'. The music is raw and brutal, capturing that rebellious angst and pounds like a fist in the face.

* Martini Kulture: God Killing Himself
Noise Art: A compilation of experimental industrial sounds designed to focus on the disturbing and the misanthropic. Of particular mention, the CD itself resembles a mini-vinyl record, even with black striations - a very nice stylized touch.

* The Great Deceiver: Terra Incognito
Metal: Reminiscent of a mix of Pantera and Godsmack, but with more heart and sharper edge, a strong debut into this genre with greater production and professional label. Thanks to Mr. Souto for this surprise inclusion.

* Website: Feast of Hate & Fear.

Hail Iron Youth! Hail Satan!


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