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Ed Wood

Ed Wood
{XXVIII A.S. Directed by Tim Burton. Starring Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette, Jeffrey Jones, Bill Murray, Lisa Marie, George 'The Animal' Steele}

Arising from Hollywood Babylon, from the depths of evocative cinematic arcana, here we remember Edward D. Wood Jr., one of the most underrated actors, producers, directors of all time. Driven by an insatiable passion for pictures, he brought his imaginative visions unto the silver screen with all the resources he had available, using wile and guile, remaining the nucleus of his own creations no matter what obstacles beset him. Wood {here portrayed by Johnny Depp} struggles for recognition and gathers around him a cadre of misfits from the crew to the actors themselves:

Bela Lugosi: He meets with the legendary Bela Lugosi upon a fortuitous outing near a coffin shoppe, they quickly become friends, and remains Wood's primary star. Herein, he is portrayed as a pathos-inducing, flawed character surrounded in precious memories and the treasures of his career. Wood spends time with him watching Horror films and is regailed with tales of his experience.

Vampira {Maila Nurmi; here nicely portrayed by Lisa Marie}: Meets her at a shindig literally begging her to appear in a movie, but is coldly denied. Until later when she is fired from her career as the nocturnal hostess of a horror movie show, finally agreeing to appear in a mute role for "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Lugosi actually took quite a liking to her, even remarking on her ample cleavage.

Tor Johnson {played by George "The Animal" Steele}: A brutish wrestler whom many will recognize as a bald zombie character immortalized in Halloween mask form.

Lugosi {Martin Landau} became addicted to morphine which plagued him during this time, yet his love of films bade him on until he reaches a point of mandatory recuperation at a detox center, experiencing the horror of withdrawal, and where Wood meets his next wife after knitting Lugosi some black booties to "match his cape" - it was instant love after that. He eventually confesses his penchant at the local spookhouse for dressing in women's clothing, opting to get that out of the way before progressing with the relationship, and she accepts him nonetheless. His first wife became an ingrate and opted for a so-called "normal life".

Prompted by a brief though motivating chat with Orson Welles, his most memorable accomplishment occurs after this departure, funded, by all things, two Christian ministers whom he convinced would in turn fund several religious films. Wood and crew actually become 'baptized' to ensure this cooperation. One of the most humorous lines in the film consists of his friend 'Bunny Breckinridge' {Bill Murray} who said "How do you do it? How do you get all your friends to get baptized just so you can make a monster movie?"

The black and white format really manages to place one in Noir Hollywood, enhancng the overall storyline in certain classic style. Ed Wood essentially became the forefather of the B-Movie, whose comic science-fiction and horror presentations became an archetypal model for many similar creations to come.

* Filmography.


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