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"Hat Man"

The Shadows...

"Hat Man"

"This is a form that can be taken by the Shadows to look very much like a man in a black hat. This man appeared at a former roommate's bedside in the middle of the night. She could clearly see he had on a long, black trench coat of some sort.

Upon seeing this Shadow, she screamed and he did nothing but continue to stare at her. She screamed again, and he still remained. So she continued to scream at the top of her lungs, and I having the room next to hers, ran to see what the problem was for her to keep screaming like that.

She said usually the Shadows will disappear or leave once they see she's noticed them. But this Shadow-man didn't seem to care, and was more focused on intimidating her. The figure disappeared shortly before I came running into her room so I didn't get to see this guy.

I've had other friends who have seen this man in other situations and have been given many accounts about him popping up all over the place. He truly should be in a category of his own, and there will be more info to come about experiences concerning him."


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