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Spechtreum: Comedy

{XXXIX A.S. Director: Barry Levinson. Starring: Ben Stiller, Jack Black}

Jack Black and Ben Stiller play two brainstorming businessmen fed up with their dead-end jobs and the monotonous mediocrity of it all - so Nick {Black} becomes inspired by witnessing a man on the street picking up after his dog with plastic gloves- so he comes up with the idea of a "Va-Poo-Rizer" spray which disintegrates dog leavings.

So after some experimentation, realizes his dream and markets it up, with his own infomercial and quickly becomes a millionaire. His buddy "Tim" grows increasingly more irritated and envious, which only compounds the stress in his life, until he blows up at the boss, is promptly fired, and his wife leaves with the kids on top of it.

Depressed and nearly suicidal, he enters a local bar where he meets "The J-Man" {Christopher Walken}, who is basically a derelict looking for a meal ticket, and takes advantage of Tim's enebriated state. After a talk amidst intoxication, he is convinced to cause some trouble and release the stress plaguing him. Unfortunately, Nick's horse becomes an unexpected victim of the venting, and is shot dead by an arrow, to which Tim buries the animal in a hole originally intended for a pool which he could not afford.

The J-Man returns looking to collect on a reward posted to find the horse, which then begins the intrigue as the two trek out into the rain with the horse's corpse on the roof of a truck, misplacing it, and relocating his family for the night to J-man's backwoods childhood cabin.

Along the way, Nick decides to include Tim as a full partner, and they travel the world until The J-Man feels that he should get a piece of the action, who then resorts to blackmail, but is eventually thwarted in quite an ironic manner.

In the end, a surprising turn of events relating to the ingredients of the Vapoorizer, to which Nick has to start all over again with his entrepreneurship, this time with his pal Tim beside him.

Jack Black's lokian personality shines through well; and the 'moral' of the story is that instead of brooding over someone else's success, use it to inspire one's own achievements. In other words, it is productive to be pro-active, instead of merely re-active and petty; or "greater is he who manifests his dreams than he who complains about others'". Use this erstwhile "sin" to motivate one unto personal success, which in turn will enhance Pride.



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