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Nativity of The Mother of Satan

Today is My Mother's Birthday, the Blessed Lady who gave birth to this Daemon shall be heralded as such.

I Honor her from when she would accompany Me to My Martial Arts classes as a Dracling, be there for My tests and promotions, drive Me to school all those foggy mornings, of course feed and clothe Me; eventually becoming concerned for My safety when I realized I was a Satanist and her subsequent understanding and tolerance upon her own realization that the philosophy has brought Me Joy, Success, and Happiness. Through difficulties and evolutions in juvenile times; all those xmas trees decorated to the hilt, pleasant early mornings and late evenings overlooking the rolling hills; her cosmetological prowess, her culinary masterpieces, her many varied artistic manifestations from paintings to handicrafts, her strange ability to raise all sorts of herbitological creatures, and the fact that she actually saved the life of one of our cats by performing CPR. Her singing of "The Price" by Twisted Sister which amused friends, her boundless energy, and her incredible sense of self-preservation, plus so much more.

Through this beloved vessel have I come to Be incarnate upon The Black Earth, and as such, I Hail Her this night and day, but not limited thereunto.


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