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Emmanuelle vs. Dracula


Emmanuelle vs. Dracula
Year XXXIX A.S. Directed by Keith Shaw. Starring Natasja Vermeer, Beverly Lynne, Kelsey, Mollie Green, Valerie Baber, Ernesto Perdomo, Marcus DeAnda

Emmanuelle vs. DraculaA shadowy stranger {played by Ernesto Perdomo} "happens" upon a slumber party whose car just 'conveniently' breaks down in front of their house, out in an isolated location. Clad in black with piercing eyes, he retains a surprisingly evolved manner of deportment, charming the ladies with his allure. A veritable incubus, it is revealed that he just so happens to specialize in manifesting their deepest desires, and bestows orgasmic bliss with a mere thought - the power of suggestion and hypnotic ecstasy. One by one they are transformed into creatures of the night after experiencing heightened sensations of erotic epitome. Even one prudish shrew who initially resists is swept up into the whirlwind of lust. A veritable Bachannal erupts as secret desires are indulged unto mutual gratification.

Some particularly enjoyable scenes include the apparent application of sympathetic Magic, utilizing an effigy to seduce several women and induce pleasure beyond their wildest dreams, as they are awakened to the highest potential of their succulent flesh. Somewhere along the line, two male strippers arrive attired in Police uniforms, who end up playing key roles as they are also manipulated by "The Dark One" to commit some nefarious deeds to enrapture the women and spread the influence of the undead.

All submit except for 'Emmanuel', a lovely Nordic character whose sinemærotic saga spans decades in various incarnations, this one played by Natasja Vermeer; and even through her own application of wit and guile, cannot completely destroy the vampire, as he finally materializes as the element of fire in the end.

For some reason, probably in an attempt at climactic drama, "The Dark One" is removed in favor of a lesser "actor" {Marcus De Anda} who plays the role of Dracula, although "The Dark One" was already quite well suited already, and could have played that role better.

For those who enjoy "Gothic" and vampire fetish, this film contains liberal uses of fog, dramatic lighting, nice sets, attractive performers, stimulating accoutrement, fangs, and reasonably acceptable 'acting' {especially that of Perdomo}; while no 'Caligula', "Emmanuel vs. Dracula" definitely stands out amongst the plethora of typical erotica fare. ∞

* Rating: 4/5.

Tags: dracula, film, films, lust, movie, sensuality, sex, sexuality, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, vampire, video

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