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The Witches of Breastwick


The Witches of Breastwick
XL A.S. Director: Jim Wynorski. Starring Matt Dalpiaz, Monique Parent, Jay Richardson, and Glori-Anne Gilbert

The Witches of BreastwickA man named 'David' {Matt Dalpiaz} is plagued by a dream and becomes obsessed with finding the source of it - three succulent succubi undulating in sexual abandon by raging flames before being sacrificed. He and wife 'Tiffany' {Monique Parent} are the descendants of those who burned their ancestors at the stake in eras past. This takes he and his deliciously erubescent wife out into the wilderness where the car breaks down for no apparent reason outside a cabin where he seeks to use the phone, in which reside three very familiar beauties. One delay after another occurs, including the secret administering of a potion into their wine {which would have been better applied with a pentagram "poison ring"}, until they are obligated to stay the night. He remains haunted by a pervading feeling of impending doom, which does not prevent the lovely ladies from taking their pleasures with he and his wife, from the jacuzzi to the bathtub to the woods to the bedroom.

The couple are regaled with the legend of "La Cacanya", a creature lurking about the surrounding forest when suddenly, a stunning brunette appears before him in the darkness, who after quite a delightful indulgence, warns him of the deadly intentions of the three witches, the so-called "Daughters of La Cacanya" {one of whom wears a weakagram, which does not seem to quite work}. But they are certainly a preferred alternative to the typical warty hag depiction.

The next morning, David finds the car operable, but his wife is missing. Upon a frantic search, he meets with the lovely brunette again, who arms him with a silver blade, supposedly the only weapon effective against a witch. He finds Tiffany strapped to a stake by a bonfire, ready to be sacrificed. La Cacanya makes a brief appearance, and David predictably rescues the wife at the last moment.

Unfortunately, the lengthy lesbian scenes seem like gratuitous fluff, with seemingly minimal contact between the women. The title is obviously a double-en-tendre' on the film "The Witches of Eastwick', although this plot really has nothing to do with that story at all. The performers are visually superb, although their talents are not maximized herein. ∞

Rating: 3/5.

Tags: film, films, lust, movie, occult, review, sensuality, sex, sexuality, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, video, witchcraft, witches

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