DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Awakening...

Earlier this evening I was listening to Radio Satan 666, when all of a sudden the transmission stream became choppy, so I decided to turn the volume down while I went out to acquire tonight's feast, and I ate sumptuosly thereof. I then decided to take a small post-dinner nap at about 10pm, and I pleasantly dreamt of demons...just before midnight, I awoke to the dulcid sounds of Danzig crooning "How The Gods Kill", and those who are familiar with it know that it quite quiet to begin with for about the first minute or so - and just in time for the preparation for the listening of Coast to Coast AM.

Self-hypnosis with the subconscious desire to awaken in time for C2C, or the transmission was all of a sudden repaired up until then, after having been quiet for those two hours, then 'who' or 'what' turned the volume up, to that placid cantible easing Me to consciousness, and how about the dream of demons? All these elements do add up. "Satan" indeed takes care of His own, whether considered external {as an Archetypal Thought-Form Projection} or internal {representing psychological and physiological processes}, both of which are Infernal.


Tags: greater magic, supernatural

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