Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The 13 Myspace & Live Journal Protocols

The 13 Myspace/facebook/Live Journal Protocols
Draconis Blackthorne

Within these various resources of communication, which can prove to be quite a convenient and valuable tool, the internet is also unfortunately filled with dross and lower-life forms seeking for anything to reach for from their mire.

After having been asked by several persons advice on who and who not to link to, I have compiled the following thirteen personal suggestions that I feel one should consider, which may act as a filter to preserve a more respectable web presence, and to avoid slumming with the mediocre masses:

  • I. Who/what do they link to? Who/what do they not link to? Whether on their personal website or on myspace?
    Who they do not link to can be just as telling as who they do.
  • II. Do their profiles display symptoms of The 9 Satanic Sins?
  • III. Are they non-discriminating and accept anyone seeking to be 'friended'? Examine who they link to on their personal site as well as the 'friends' list.
  • IV. Quantity over Quality?: Display lack of quality or discernment. Such as 500-1,000+ "friends" is just pretentious. Or if it is mostly comprised of bands, "celebrities", or brainless tarts.
  • V. Expresses or networks with anyone who displays anti-COS sentiment.
    Shun them like the white plague.
  • VI. Demonstrates non-Satanic and literalist devil-worship reverse christianity; obsession with blasphemy, which displays an elementary mentality. That's what a Black Mass is for, i.e., to purge the mind of any lingering blindlight influence.
  • VII. Low-class subhuman trash {whatever shade it may happen to be} / slobs / the profane. Would linking to them be embarassing to oneself? And otherwise present an inaccurate display of our esteemed and elite organization?
  • VIII. Are they bereft with weakans, christians, newagers, occultniks, minors, thrill-seekers, "profile collectors", and the merely curious?
  • IX. If they claim Satanic allegience, are they a registered member of The Church of Satan? If not, why, and what is their opinion of Anton LaVey, The Heigharchy, and the COS?
    It has been My experience that if the organization or individual are not connected with The Church of Satan somehow, it is generally either antagonistic, parasitic, and is otherwise of inferior quality, while at the same time cribbing from our philosophy. Anyone could put up a banner, but what is surrounding it? This could be a hard one to tell, unless asked to actually produce a COS card. You could ask them for their "serial number"... I Am sure other members will recognize this for what it is...
  • X. Are they eager to gain personal information, especially of a sexual or monetary nature?
    I hope I do not have to provide a reminder to NOT give out personal information over the internet. Businesses generally have a P.O. Box.
  • XI. Are they eager to meet you in person, automatically claim "love", or "respect" {even if they are not familiar with your work; immediately refer to you as brother / sister, even 'friend' - as they do with everyone else}, etc.?
    Remember the adage [paraphrased]: "Beware of who bows the lowest, they could be reaching for the carpet!" ~ Dr. LaVey.

    If a compliment is sincere and merited, it is appreciated.

    Sometimes, if you wait a bit, they may display their "true colors" and actually feel 'offended' when they have not been 'added' - then all of a sudden, you are not considered such, and they may even resort to cowardly insults. By and large, it is far better to simply ignore the user rather than engage them in some sort of pretentious 'battle'. Most systems provide 'ignore' and 'report', or 'flag' options. This goes for unwanted attempts at conversion as well.
  • XII. Profiles with minimal to no information about themselves, except that they have registered. Why should you bother if they have not?
  • XIII. See The Satanic Bunco Sheet.


A possible annoyance from shit-disturbers that can arise is one little self-righteous weakling can 'flag' or 'report' an image that may be appreciated by admirers in one's gallery, which then attracts the attention of system censors who may delete it, then notify you afterwards, instead of granting the opportunity to remove it yourself first, which may then count as a 'strike' on your account. One's access may be suspended for a short time at first, then more lengthy as another "questionable" image is discovered or reported. These may be separate pages attached to your main profile, which may be deleted instead of having the opportunity to delete an individual image, folder, or page oneself; which may not be altogether impersonal on behalf of the censor, as covert blindlighter 'crusaders' have been known to compromise material which does not resonate with their personal world view.

For this reason, it is best to preserve these images on another server which can be linked therefrom. Otherwise, you may have to eventually rebuild the profile from scratch, but which may actually prove to be an amusing afternoon after all, thus also serving to purge extraneous profiles and inactive sources, as well as provide renewed resolve.

It is indeed shameful that such a pest who may naturally cower in one's presence may garner such influence on the internet, where such petty weakness is given such consideration, granting an inferior organism inappropriate clout.

Such an inconvenience can be justifiably addressed in The Ritual Chamber, which will eventually end up dredging up the culprit for further punishment; though punishment is important to show others such insolence is unacceptable. ∞

* Related: The 19th Hole.

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