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Which "form" of Satanism suits you?, Are you a skeleton, zombie, vampire, demon or dark angel?

Take the quiz:
Which form of Satanism suits you?

Modern Satanism
Anton LaVey is the High Priest of The Church Of Satan and publisher of the Satanic Bible. The reason many represent this religion proudly is because Modern (LaVey) Satanism is very free and boundless. There is no god to worship. There is no need to attend church. You are your own god. LaVey's Modern Satanism is based on self gratification, mostly. Or masturbation of the soul, as I once read. Also, constant self improvements that are brought about by a rational thought process. The Satanic Bible is a great read if you are interested.

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It should be recognized that The Church of Satan defines Satanism, the Cabal of true Satanists. These other assorted nuts just want to place The Devil on a cross.

Take the quiz:
Are you a skeleton, zombie, vampire, demon or dark angel? (pics aren't really working)

dark angel
Dark angel!! You are a combo of demons and vampires..(second best there is) god betrayed you and you intend on making everyone suffer along with you. You mainly listen to metal but you also listen too punk. To you all that is holy is pure shit. You want to end the world!!!! You may inflect pain upon yourself... but may not. You are pure evil and scary.... all that stand in your way shall parish. At times demons are superior and inferior to your darkness in your eyes. But they are mainly more or as dark/evil as you. Rock on!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Amusing, considering that I Am a member of The Church of Satan and The Temple of The Vampire.

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