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Excuse All The Blood...

Excuse All The Blood
Excuse All The Blood by Shea Garrity

A collection of misanthropic poetry from Church of Satan member Shea Garrity, accompanied by artistry and atavistic photography. My favorite poem herein is "Hello, Mr. Wizard" about Dr. LaVey, a four-part homage to The Black Pope. Mr. Garrity's use of double-entendre and metaphor is expertly hewn, escorting one towards many darkened paths, forgotten and isolated, attended by phantoms of the subconscious. Harsh truths, (anti)-social commentary, and gritty reality fills this tome of counter-culture thought by this modern-day bard.

"Talk to the hand... the hand talks back!"


It is rather amusing, that when one actually goes to the site, the introductory graphic seems to virtually "slap" the viewer.


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