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Black Metal culture banned

Black Metal culture banned

PUTRAJAYA: Black Metal culture has been declared as a deviation from Islamic teachings and those found practising it could be penalised under syariah law. 

The National Fatwa Council ruled that Black Metal culture was totally against the syariat (Islamic principles) and could lead its followers to being murtad (apostate). 

The council issued the decree after deliberating on the matter at its bi-monthly meeting yesterday. 

“We discussed the issue at length to understand what Black Metal is all about and its effect on our culture,” council chairman Prof Datuk Shukor Husin told newsmen after the meeting. 

“It has been established that Black Metal practices are way against the syariat and every effort must be taken to stop its spread.” 

Prof Shukor said the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) was working with state religious departments to amend the syariah laws to give power to the departments to act against those engaging in Black Metal culture. 

“It may take some time for the law to be enforced. In the meantime, we hope other relevant authorities would play their role in putting a stop to this culture,” he said. 

Prof Shukor said although Black Metal was just a form of music, its culture often led its followers to worship Satan, to rebel, kill and incite hatred and irreligion. 

Black Metal culture, he said, also influenced its followers to perform controversial rituals such as drinking one's blood mixed with goat blood and burning the Quran. 

“When a Muslim burns the Quran, his action could be considered as murtad. It is our responsibility to ensure this does not happen,'' he said. 

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Except in very few select cases, the title of that story is absolutely true, but not for the reasons commonly proposed. Most of the time Satanic iconography is exploited for notoriety by executives and enterprising bands, realizing the shock value, but are actually not that "bad", as it were, and are in fact, by the definition of a term long-acquainted in that genre, "posers".

"...Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jew, we don't need them any more!"


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