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Lucifer's Orchestra

Musick In Theory & Practice The Court Composer
Musick In Theory & Practice | The Court Composer

The Law of 8ve Manifesting The Sorcerer's Lore
The Law of 8ve | Theatre of The Macabre: Manifesting The Sorcerer's Lore

Le'rue Delashay

For those searching for fine ritual music to accompany your rites, nocturnal activities, or just to pass the time absorbing the eerily inspiring atmosphere these CD's create, I heartily recommend the works of Le'rue Delashay to compliment your ritual chambers and overall Lair, whether by overcast day or enchanted night.

The strains of these brilliant orchestrations are a definite pleasure to enjoy, bringing musickal artistry to resplendent life. Delashay is a living virtuoso who conjures caliginous visions from the abyss of his own tenebrious imagination to reflect our own dark sides. The infernal spark of diabolical genius accompanies each opus, easily recalling the legacy of the timeless masters of yore.

Satanists would gain great gratification from these compositions, for besides his works, it is known that Delashay is himself a Satanist, truly understanding the darkness within. So allow these manifestations to fan the black flame, and soar on the wings of daemons.

Theatre of The Macabre
Manifesting The Sorcerer's Lore

For those who appreciate atmospheric Black Metal, Theatre of The Macabre offers a uniquely-stylized variation on the genre, blending classical orchestrations, narratives, and strobe light-paced symphonies of ferocious musickal onlaught sure to raise the savage beast.

Vocals similar to Emperor with instrumentations resembling sonic weaponry striking precise cerebral targets, this eclectic creation of Delashay's definitely establishes its place in the aphotic recesses of one's evocations.

Available at The Emporium:

Church of Satan Emporium

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