DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

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Friday the 13th...

SatanagramAnd so the spheres undulate to form the perfect configuration, by daemonic goddess of lust and pride, wonderful in her symmetry to behold, one star opens unto another, the astral gates one by one, until at its center, release the ancient ones from within the infinite space of mind.

Tick-tock, click-lock, thirteen o' clock is timelessness, reversed, and all is one!


Templar Memorial Day: In honor of that noble order who held true to their convictions and their own natures, despite the perfidious hypocritical oppression of the day. L'Air Epais awaits...

Church of Satan

Infernal Empire News: Friday the 13th recognized as a day of observation by Magus Gilmore, a Magical astronomical pentagonal conjunction, and Satanic literature recommendations.


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