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Ramona Bell

Art & Ramona BellHere I would like to express My condolences to Mr. Art Bell for the loss of his lovely wife, Ramona. While I have not personally met either of them, Coast to Coast remains regular entertainment during My nocturnal activities and work. I remember Ramona's voice chiming in from the background from time to time providing Art with valuable information, and no doubt she was a major driving force in preserving the flow of the broadcast and of absolute course, to Art himself. Art has understandably gone into deep seclusion in this terrible time, and it was just so damned sudden, completely unexpected, that I Myself Am still processing this news. It seems so unbelievable, and I just hope that Art can somehow find the strength to persevere in whatever manner he can.

I began listening to Coast to Coast in Year XXXIII A.S., on the very night our Reverend Schlesinger was guest. 'Something' just compelled Me to search on the radio for anything of quality, when lo and behold, I heard the introductory narrative, and scrambled to find some tapes, which I fortunately did, and have enjoyed that broadcast many-a-time since, as well as the subsequent program with Magister Nemo, which has also remained a frequent pleasure.

Mrs. Bell lived her life to the fullest, and contributed directly to the evolution of the show, and as such, she is appreciated and missed.

I actually heard this news a couple of nights ago, but thought this an opportune time to express My thoughts, in respect to Mr.Bell, and upon contemplation.


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