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Nox Arcana: Transylvania

Within a black coach, travel down the dark oak-arched path into the world of the timeless Dracula legend, unto infamous Transylvania, where nightmares come alive down torch-lit halls, and cobwebbed doors are opened to reveal blood-soaked horrors lain hidden for centuries.

Within the ornate booklet are depicted our musickal hosts: Joseph Vargo's Baphomet medallion bodes well with the chalice held as if in an indulgent toast, and William Piotrowski sports a splendid wolf's head cane. The rest of the diatribe features artistry and quotes from Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker, which combines in a psychodramatic narrative enhancing the overall creation.

'Transylvania' is a wonderfully dramatic musickal escapade into the imagination of Bram Stoker and Nox Arcana combined, providing a most remarkable soundtrack to the classic tale. Another magnificent opus to accompany one's nocturnal activities, empowering the atmosphere by candlelight and incense's curl. This musickal release calls to mind masquerade balls, elegant accoutrement, and noble opulence in all of its splendor, certainly complimenting one's own haunted Manor.

Rating: 5/5.


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