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Rain on The Parade...

The pretentious Rose Parade was a hoot. I do not usually care to see it, and have not done so for quite some time since Elvira and the Stealth Craft appeared therein, yet this one piqued My interest partly because of the wonderful weather: howling wind, torrents of rain - a purification day. Also because of a local radio talk show I listen in on from time to time, whose host commented on the event, which is certainly a welcomed alternative to the usual bland imbeciles on The Letharginator, which was set to mute as the radio host amusingly offered his misanthropic and comical commentary.

The floats were seemingly melting and falling apart. Chunks were missing on some, others swayed in the wind, occupants looking disheveled as if they had just stepped out of the shower, the disappointed faces, etc. - just amusing all around.

The theme for this year was "It's Magical", which prominently featured prestidigitation, with even one Lance Burton in attendance. The one interesting float they did have of a green 'Wicked Witch' was glossed over much too quickly... stirring her cauldron and working her 'Black Magic'. Every one of these parades seem to have a 'horror' entry.

Ironically, little did anyone know just HOW Magical... ∞

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