Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Drac Burger & Fries

"The Burger that bites back!"


One pound 1/2 of ground beef.
Dill pickles.
Large Tomatos
Sliced Cheese {American, Muenster (Monster), or Monterey Jack}
Sliced Onions
12 oz. thick Bacon strips
Large Buns

* Carmelize sliced onions in pan with melted margarine or butter until lightly browned. Set aside in a bowl for later.
* Cut thick patties and place them into pan with melted margarine or butter until browned and fried through. Sprinkle with salt & pepper. Add fresh sliced onions for sautee'ing in juices with meat. {Recommendation: Medium-rare}. Flip with spatula periodically. What you may notice sometimes are the smaller pieces of onion embedding into patties!
* Slice pickles into rounds or lengthwise.
* Slice avocados lengthwise.
* Slice tomatos into rounds.

* Place mayonnaise on bottom bun; place slice of cheese. Place mustard on top bun in pentagram formation. Option: lightly toast buns.
* When patties are done, place each onto cheese slice {additional slice on top of patty is optional}.
* Apply ketchup in pentagram formation on patty, This will serve to affix other ingredients.
* Place pickles. If rounds, place five in pentagram formation. If lengthwise, place sideways to support other ingredients.
* Place carmelized onions.
* Place Tomato.
* Place avocado. If lengthwise, place pieces "crosswise" to support other ingredients. Optional: Guacamole.
* Place bacon strips.
* Place top bun to crown it all. Toothpick optional. Cutting burger in half is optional.
* Optional: Wrap burger half-way in paper towel folded at the center, to both keep the burger intact as well as soak up any additional grease.
* Enjoy!



One bag of potatos.
One bottle of vegetable oil.

* Wash potatos in water.
* Leave skins.
* Slice potatos thickly lengthwise with butcher knife. Potatoes should be cut thickly - otherwise, they will disintigrate and turn into 'hash'.
* Place sliced potatos into pot with simmering vegetable oil. Leave until boiling.
* Add approximately three table spoons of salt poured in "Nine" formation. {Or if you are so inclined, sprinkle in three "sixes"}.
* Fry until potatos assume a lightly golden brown color. What you want to create is a plump center with crispy skin. This may take between 20-30 minutes.
* When done, place fries into container with paper towel, which will soak up additional grease. This will also fascillitate cleaning. Just remove towel and discard afterward.
* Serve and enjoy! Recommendation: Add ketchup.

{Drac Chips: For "Drac Potato Chips", just cut potatos into rounds instead. For "Drac Tortilla Chips", use soft corn tortillas cut into triangles like a pizza. This can be done with 20 tortillas or more at a time}.

Optional: As recommended before, say "Satanic Grace" before each meal.

Tags: dining, food, hell's bar & grill, hell's kitchen, recipes

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