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Recommended calendars for Year XLI

H.R. Giger Calendar

The H.R. Giger Calendar from Morpheus Gallery. Acquired this yesterday which features artwork from this timelessly enjoyed Occult Artist. Featured herein: "Mordor VII", "Landscape XVIII", "Biomechanical Landscape 549", "Watch Guardian", "Victory IX", "Necronom 302A", "Landscape X", "Doppeltorso Mit Haken", "Landscape XXVII", "Dune VI", "NYC VI Torso", & "Illuminatus I". Impressive Satanic Aesthetics for One's Haunted Lair.

The Born of The Night Calendar from Monolith Graphics. Twelve splendid masterpieces from Artist and Musician {Nox Arcana} Joseph Vargo. Includes Solstices, Equinoxes, lunar phases, births and deaths of notable dark characters, and dates of grim historical significance. Ornate with horror-fantasy legendry, and vampiric erotica.

In other news, I was drawn to this black dragon pen, and consider it worthy to grace My pen collection. A Ball-point medium tip - perfect.

Also picked up a new black velvet tuxedo coat {also serves as a rather nice smoking jacket as well} - very Satanic attire, if I do say so Myself - both elegant and comfortable. Dressing above the level of the herd is a basic propensity amongst the elite.


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