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Nefarious Newsletter V.126

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<form method=GET action=""> <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 border=0 bgcolor="blue">   <tr>     <td colspan=2 align=center>       <b>Subscribe to OBD</b>     </td>   </tr>   <tr>     <td>       <input type=text name="user" value="enter email address" size=20>     </td>     <td>       <input type=image border=0 alt="Click here to join OBD"        name="Click here to join OBD"        src="">     </td>   </tr>   <tr align="center">     <td colspan="2">       Powered by <a href=""></a>     </td>   </tr> </table> </form><p align="justify">I. Quotations: Walter Anderson.<Br> II. Nefarious News: Maybe They Understand Mumbling, Residents All Shook Up, Not What It's Cracked Up To Be, Her Pants Were Smokin', Is This The Face Of A Criminal?, False Death Notice Fools Lawmakers, HOT...EXTRA HOT...AND CALL 9-1-1, Viagra Nixed As Golf Tourney Prize, Babies Can't Wait For The Next Elevator, Bring Back Ned's Head, When You Gotta Go..., The Way God Intended It To Be? Urine For A Surprise! Passion Heats Things Up, When It Comes to Love, It's All Relative, Money Is God?<br> III. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Predictions, Bizarre Newspaper Misprints, Bizarre Laws in Utah.<br> IV. Loki's Laughter: Drunken Nun, I need thee every day, How To Tell You're In A Redneck Dungeon.<br> V. Wicked Words: ineffable, sunder, pervicacious.<br> VI. Hell's Bar & Grill: Broiled Provolone with Italian Herbs and Crackers<br> VII. The Devil's Web: "Sacred Sex", Absinthe Online.<Br> VIII. The Shadow Gallery: Green Demon.

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