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Santa and The Devil

{1959 c.e., Directed by Ken Smith {K. Gordon Murray}; Starring Jose Elias Moreno (Santa Claus), Cesarero Quezadas (Pulgarcito/Tom Thumb), Jose Luis Aguirre, aka "Trosky" (El Diablo/Pitch, The Devil)}

An interesting mixture of mythologies run throughout this film, where a decidedly 'pagan' Santa Claus is in cahoots with Merlin, and fly about in a space ship. If you look closely, one can even detect a very pentagram-like 'star' in a prominant position in his laboratory. The reason why Santa can travel to all the homes on his schedule in one night is compliments of Merlin's magic dust, which Claus carries with him in a bag attached to his slay.

A devil named 'Pitch' attempts to thwart Kringle's efforts at every turn - his most impressive effort when he appears to a man in a dream, and whispers into his ear that the house in on fire, precisely when Santa is roaming about the house, so he unleashes his vicious dog to run him up a tree, where he remains for the better part of the night, while Pitch laughs maniacally. Santa cannot escape therefrom, because Pitch had previously cut a hole through the magic dust bag.

Stereotypically, the Lokian Pitch presents a remarkable appearance, completely red with large horns, tail, pitchfork, and pointed ears, as he stalks about the evening causing mischief where he may, materializing in a sulphurous plume.

A poverty-stricken single mother and her little girl are in danger of not receiving anything for xmas, so the major part of the plot revolves around Santa being able to get to her and fulfill her wishes. Paradoxically, the only reference to xianity is in her prayers, although it is Santa that 'answers' her materialistic pleas.

This film is more or less an 'underground' classic, probably because of the replete occult references which runs in the face of the typical tales of the so-called "jolly old elf", although through some simple research, one will discover the 'pagan' archetypal origins of this legend, which remains a cultural alternative to the judeo-christian mythology. Surely a quirky faerie-tale, yet quite amusing for what it is. ∞

Rating: 3/5.

Tags: blackthorne theatre, film, movies, solstice, spechtreum, video, xmas

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