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Ho-Ho-Horror for the Holidays

Ho-Ho-Horror for the Holidays

Yeah, we all know if you rearrange a couple of the letters in Santa, you get Satan. But fear not, there's more to Christmas mayhem than that: There will be plenty of scary stuff to rip through your holiday cheer.

For one thing, we’re giving away a magic-sackful of presents courtesy of Lions Gate Home Entertainment (it’s not a contest; simply send me an email by 12 midnight Pacific time, December 25, 2005, for your chance to win) — the prize-pack includes:

Santa's Slay
Bolt your door! Close your chimney! Santa Claus is no longer the cuddly, harmless old fellow that people know and love. Nope, he's a demon!

Heebie Jeebies
In this bone-chilling thriller, Cassandra dreams about the murders of her friends one by one… will her nightmares come true?

Unable to find a taxi in the middle of the night, young Kate heads for the subway. Waiting for the last train to arrive, she dozes off and awakens to find that everyone is gone… It’s Kate's last stop!

As for other scary things you can do on the holiday weekend (aside from drinking too much spiked eggnog and wearing nothing but your Christmas stocking…) is go see the Australian feature film Wolf Creek. You can also stay home and enjoy the Masters of Horror marathon on Showtime. (New episodes will return on January 6, with William Malone’s Fair Haired Child.)

For films with a wintery theme, I would also recommend "Christmas Evil", and of course, the immortally timeless 'Nightmare Before Xmas', Edward Scissorhands {pretty much all Tim Burton presentations, at that}; also, if you can actually find it, a rare film entitled 'Santa Claus.' [Amazon]


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