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When there's no more room in Hell...

I will be venturing forth to the theatre in coming days to view this promising presentation entitled "Dawn of The Dead" - the remake of this film which I had the pleasure to see several times since its initial release on VHS, and remains a favorite zombie film. It is time for a return to REAL Horror movies and to revitalize the genre with absolute horror, terror, and eustress bordering on distress. With very few exceptions, what has been released in the past few years have been nothing less than silly tongue-in-cheek movies masked as 'horror' meant to quell the masses, further introducing a miasma of false contentment. That is what comedies are for, not Horror Movies. The original intent must be returned - films that will truly SCARE and FRIGHTEN viewers, as it is meant to be. And the same goes for music for that matter. There is no wonder My Spechtreum shelves are mostly filled with underground cinema and documentaries, preserving what is purely black. For the most part, I prefer plays and live theatre. So I emerge into the darkened theatre from time to time, and remain in a timelessness few understand.


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