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Vandals Spray-Paint Satanic Messages All Over Church

Vandals Spray-Paint Satanic Messages All Over Church
Councilwoman Calls Damage Appalling

HOUSTON -- Police are calling satanic graffiti spray-painted in red all over a southeast Houston church a hate crime, KPRC Local 2 reported Monday.

Officers with the Houston Police Department said vandals spray-painted satanic graffiti at St. Alphonsus Church, located at 9202 Manchester Street, sometime over the weekend.

The vandals spray-painted the number 666 on the church's front door and wrote the word "Satan" on the church's walls.

A Holy Mary statue that sits outside the church was also defaced. The vandals tagged the statue with the number 666 and painted the statue's face and palm red.

City Council member Carol Alvarado toured the damaged and called it appalling.

"HPD is investigating this incident and will treat it as a hate crime. We are encouraging anyone that may have any information pertaining to this case to please contact HPD," Alvarado said.

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